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Lessy Lake

Lessy Lake is seen as the most beautiful reward of this hike. It is located at an altitude of 1730 m in a sumptuous valley dug by time down to the Jallouvre, the Buclon, and the Aiguille Verte.

This itinerary is intended for good walkers. The latter follows a route that passes through the Aiguille Verte before diving on Lessy Lake.


[ Allow 5 hours from the cottage with breaks ]


In the first part of the trail, signs inform you about the nature of the ground encountered, the surrounding peaks, the region's fauna and flora. The view from the top of the ridge is magnificent over the Aravis mountains, Leman Lake and Lessy Lake. Let's count on a one-way trip of about 2 hours from Le Chinaillon to this mountain lake. For the most adventurous, don't forget your swimsuit for a refreshing swim.


To get back down, you can make a loop through the pass towards Petit Bornand and go around the Roc des Tours. A walk that extends your itinerary (about 1h30) but it is clearly worth it.

Immersion guaranteed in the heart of the mountain pasture life punctuated by the sound of the bells of the various cow and sheep farms.


La Chartreuse du Reposoir

The former Chartreuse du Reposoir is classified as a Historical Monument. In the shade of the Pointe Percée at 2752 m, it was founded in 1151 by Carthusian monks. 

The buildings restored in 1686 were the former monks' cells.  The large and small cloisters are in Gothic style.


After having cleared the land and organized pastoral and agricultural life for centuries, the Carthusians left the area in 1901, leaving the place to the Carmelites in 1932.


How to go there ?


Drive towards the Col de la Colombière and then go down towards Le Reposoir by a magnificent mountain road. At Le Reposoir, park towards the Chartreuse du Reposoir, an exceptional historical monument held by the Carmel family today.


You can visit the Chartreuse du Reposoir and understand its history : a sister will offer you to watch the movie about the place and the Carmelites who live there today.


It is free. You have the possibility to leave what you want for the maintenance of this wonderful site. After the visit, take the path up the hill and you can walk around the site in about 1 hour, an easy walk where you will have georgeous views of the pierced point and the whole Chartreuse.

A must visit when you stay at Le Grand Bornand.



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